Utah Department of Public Safety

Emergency Management - CSEPP Hazardous Materials


Response Awareness and Operations


The curriculum for the course will be the Department of Defense Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Awareness and Operations Level NFPA Certification Course. This course is designed upon OSHA 29CFR1910.120, NFPA - 471 and NFPA - 472 (1997 standard). The course provides additional information on response to Weapons of Mass destruction incidents. Chemical warfare agents specific to CSEPP response and CSEPP operational techniques will be covered in this course. This course provides certification to the Hazardous Materials Emergency Responder Operations Levels. Training will consist of both the classroom and the hands on skills training of the course. Hands on skills training consists of wearing personal protective equipment and breathing apparatus. Hands on decontamination training will be conducted as part of the class. Students should plan on bringing exercise or swim clothing to be worn while being decontaminated. Personnel are encouraged to bring their own turn out gear, if they have it.


Includes personnel from the first responder functions in emergency services.

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