Utah Department of Public Safety

Emergency Management - Multi Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools G362


DESCRIPTION: This course will provide participants with the basic information and tools needed to develop effective plans for the wide array of potential emergencies that schools may face. Participants completing the course will be able to explain the importance of effective planning to others and lead individuals in their schools and community through the process of developing an effective multi - hazard program.

TARGET AUDIENCE: The target audience for this course is anyone responsible for any aspect of developing, implementing, evaluating, or administering a safety program for his or her school or school district. The following audiences are appropriate for and will benefit from this training course:

  • Principals and administrators
  • Teachers
  • Parents / PTA members
  • School board members
  • District executives
  • Community (fire, police, planners, members of the local emergency response network)
  • School support staff
  • Transportation coordinators
  • District risk managers
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