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State Fire Marshal - Standards and Training Council

The Utah Fire Service Standards and Training Council is scheduled to meet on an as needed basis. The meetings are generally held at the Utah Fire & Rescue Academy, Room 147; 3131 Mike Jense Parkway, Provo, Utah.


February 16, 2012

Ryan Eckardt, Chair
Darren Baum
Gary Hodson
Craig Humphreys
Michael Riley
Phil Roberts
Ray Stokes

Jason Earl

Tracy Dunford
Merlin Spendlove

Coy Porter, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal

Bruce Cline
Hugh Connor
Chris Dawson
John Evans, Chief

Steve Lutz
Richard Lyman
Chuck Querry
Stan Robins
Don Rosenkranz, Chief
Jared Shelley


Meeting called to order at 1003 hours by Chairman Eckhart who also welcomed everyone to the meeting. Chair Eckhart reported to the Council of his presentation to the Fire Prevention Board at their last meeting in January.

Report to the Council by Darren Baum about his site visit with Gary Hodson to UFRA. They conducted a performance audit of the Training Division on February 7th, 2012. Mr. Baum was asked to present their report to the Fire Prevention Board at their next meeting on March 13th. Hugh Connor asked if it might be possible for the two remaining site visits to occur in the next 30 to 60 days or at least in the same month. The remaining areas are Logistics and Administration. The Council will schedule these next visits with Director Connor.

Steve Lutz presented to the Council the re-write of the Fire Officer Designation Policy and Procedures Manual and gave copies of this latest draft. This provides a standardization of terms, designations and policies. The Council reviewed the document and made some minor technical corrections which will be made to the final manual. A motion was made by Craig Humphreys to accept this new Policy and Procedures manual. Seconded by Mike Riley. Motion passed unanimously. Steve Lutz will present a potential list of nominees to serve on the Fire Office Designation review committee at the next meeting of the council along with a short bio on each nominee.

Report by Chief Rosenkranz on Sandy Fire’s desire for a “Firefighter Survival Training Building” and is requesting $300,000.00 for this structure at the Sandy City Training site.Chief Rosenkranz described the training building which has at least the following features:  Live burn, confined space tunnels, May Day prop, collapse sections. Chief Rosenkranz enumerated the following as reasons and thoughts to support his request:

    1. Reduce some of the pressure on UFRA’s trailer props, keeps UFRA props in the rural area;
    2. UFRA could also use this structure and that provides flexibility;
    3. Identified a number of fire magazines which supported his views of safety;
    4. Provides for a safe training environment;
    5. Training for High Risk / Low Frequency events;
    6. Funding ideas from the Firefighter Restricted Account reviewed;
    7. Mentioned Sandy FD’s stewardship of previous use of $45,000 given to them by the Fire Prevention Board some years ago;
    8. Identified two sites (Rochester, NY and in Wisconsin) which have collapse and confined space structures like he is proposing;
    9. Taskforce 5 (SUSAR unit designated through the National State and Urban Search & Rescue Association) wants to be prepared in the event that Taskforce 1 is deployed out of state;
    10. Mentioned the lack of local and Metro funds to augment the existing training facility;
    11. Safe live fire training in a controlled prop rather than using an acquired structure;
    12. Stated that Sandy’s concept has the support of the Metro Fire Departments.

The Council asked questions about the number of “rubble piles” currently located in the Salt Lake Valley, costs associated with training at the Sandy site, maintenance costs, instructor costs at the facility, noted that a Train-the-Trainer needs to happen, each department which uses the facility would need to provide their own instructors, consumable materials, etc. Taskforce 5 is also looking at some funding through the state’s Emergency Management Division for annual training. Chief Rosenkranz also mentioned that lining the burn room costs around $60,000. He is also looking at a kitchen propane burn prop in the existing facility which costs about $110,000. There was also some discussion about the portability of a mobile which might have these features. UFRA representatives gave a brief background about “regional training facilities” around the state which have a paved lot, water supply, etc. and that received a modular building. Those who received such a building were West Valley City, Salt Lake City, Cache County, and Salt Lake County. Some areas asked for money and metal connex containers. Some received funding and others did not. Grantsville, for example got some money and St. George did not.

Motion to table this issue until next meeting made by Craig Humphreys. Second by Darren Baum. Voting was in the unanimous to table.

Discussion about the EMS-ALS position on the Council.  This position does not have influence on fire standards and training, but does have influence through the Bureau of EMS. Discussion was to recommend to the Fire Prevention Board that this position be replaced by someone representing the Fire Prevention Educators of Utah which would more closely fall into the fire service needs. This motion made by Ray Stokes and seconded by Gary Hodson. Passed unanimously.

A final motion was made by Gary Hodson to recommend to the Fire Prevention Board that UFRA be asked to do a needs assessment of training as it would relate to the use of any future restricted account funds. Seconded by Ray Stokes. Motion passed.

Next meeting:  12 April 2012; 1300 hours at Murray Fire Department’s training building.

Adjourn at 1304 hours.

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