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Safe Summer Driving Tips


To get your summer travel off to a safe start, we've put together some tips.


Click here for a pdf of the tips.


On the Road


Make safe choices when you’re traveling on Utah’s roads.

  • BUCKLE UP – every trip, every time, everyone. Half of the fatal crashes the UHP handles are a result of people not wearing their seat belts.Click it, Utah.
  • DRIVE SOBER – If you plan to drink, choose a designated driver before going out. 81% of people killed in DUI crashes are the impaired driver or their passengers.
  • STAY FOCUSED – if you’re driving, just drive. Pay attention to driving and avoid distractions. Leave the phone, GPS, radio, etc. to your passengers.
  • STAY ALERT – avoid fatigue – if you feel sleepy, pull over at a rest stop. Drowsy drivers can be more prone to vehicle rollovers.
  • OBEY THE SIGN – speed limits aren’t just suggestions. Speeding is a leading cause of fatalities in Utah – travel within the speed limit for the safest ride.
  • SLOW DOWN & MOVE OVER – when approaching emergency vehicles on the side of the road, reduce your speed and if safe & clear, move over a lane.

On the Side of the Road


If something goes wrong and you’re on the side of the road, remember these tips to keep things from getting worse.

  • PULL OVER/PULL OFF – if you’re involved in a crash or have any emergency, pull off to the next exit if at all possible. If not, get as far off the roadway as you can. Stay in your vehicle with your seatbelt on until help responds.
  • STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE – the side of the road is very unsafe. Keep the people outside of the vehicle to the bare minimum. Everyone else should stay buckled up inside the vehicle. Never let children exit the vehicle, especially on high speed roadways.
  • TIRE CHANGING – is very dangerous on the side of the road. Try to use the emergency lane to drive slowly to the next exit. If this isn’t possible or practical, get off on the shoulder as far as possible. Be extremely cautious when changing driver side tires close to traffic.
  • PLAN AHEAD – Good vehicle maintenance and fuel supplies can help avoid situations that may cause a roadside emergency.  Keep a well stocked emergency roadside kit in your vehicle.

Share the Road


Good weather means motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians are out on the road.

  • GIVE THREE FEET – to bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • LOOK TWICE, SAVE A LIFE – motorcycles are smaller than cars and can be harder to see. Take an extra moment to really look for motorcycles, especially when you’re turning at intersections or into/out of parking lots and driveways.

On Two Wheels

When you hit the road on your motorcycle, make sure you ride to live.

  • GEAR UP –your gear is the only thing protecting you in the event of a crash. Riding to live means riding ATGATT – with All The Gear All The Time.
  • GET SKILLS – do you know how to achieve maximum braking power? How to safely and properly negotiate turns? Formal skills training courses provide you with the skills you need to ride to live.  Ride within your limits.
  • STRATEGIZE – be constantly alert and continuously searching and evaluating situations around you and executing your plan for safely navigating them.
  •  GET ONLINE – visit ridetoliveutah.org for detailed info on gear, skills and strategies
  • PLAN YOUR ROUTE – at ridetoliveutah.org you can find a map rating many of Utah’s roads according to their difficulty for motorcycle riders. Ride to live.

For more information, please contact our Public Information Officer at 801-556-8261








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