GEARS, Utah's Grants Electronic Application and Reporting System, is the web-based system which you utilize to apply for and manage your highway safety grant projects.

GEARS has been tailored to reduce the lag time associated with a paper-based system, provide users with a global view of the project at their fingertips, foster increased accountability to the federal oversight agency, and be environmentally friendly by saving some trees with a paperless system!

This page is designed to provide you with support as you utilize GEARS. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the HSO or your program manager.

We look forward to utilizing GEARS and working with you to improve safety on our Utah highways.




Q. What is the address for the GEARS website?

A. You can find it at or


Q. How do I get a login for the GEARS website?

A. There's a spot on the website's home page for new users, or just click here. You will receive an e-mail once your request for access has been approved.


Q. Which Internet browsers support GEARS?

A. IE, Firefox and Safari all support GEARS. However, it is best supported by IE -- some aspects of GEARS may appear a little differently in the other browsers.


Q. Can I still submit a highway safety grant proposal/application on paper?

A. No. For federal fiscal year 2013 grants (which will begin October 1, 2012) and beyond, you will need to use GEARS to submit your application, as well as your activity reports, expenditure reports and source documents.


Q. Does submitting an application guarantee I'll receive funding?

A. No. Applications are essentially your proposal to the HSO for funding. Once the deadline for submitting applications has passed, the HSO will evaluate them and determine which projects should be funded. You will receive notification about the acceptance or denial of your application by August 1st.


Q. Is there a quick reference guide for the application process?

A. Yes -- we're glad you asked. Just click here.


Q. I don't see a button to submit my application. How do I submit it?

A. To submit your application, go to "Change the Status," click "View Status Options." Where it says "Project Application Submitted," click on "Apply Status." This essentially moves the application from your desk to the HSO's desk.


Q. How do I find out what Congressional district I'm in?

A. Click HERE for a link to a website that will tell you.


Q. Are the application and expenditure reports parts of GEARS ready yet?

A. Not yet. We are still working with Agate Software to finalize those elements of GEARS.


Q. How do I find the activity and expenditure reports?

A. In GEARS, click on "Examine Related Items," which will bring you to your activity and expenditure reports.


What if I've forgotten my password?

A. You can reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot Password" link. It will e-mail you a new password.





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