Utah Department of Public Safety

Highway Safety - Grants/Training Opportunities

One of the primary functions of the Utah Highway Safety Office (UHSO) is to manage Utah’s federal highway safety grant funds for behavioral programs, and to seek and fund projects within the state to reduce traffic crashes. Each year, the Highway Safety Office compiles a Highway Safety Plan that includes a performance plan to address the traffic safety challenges by setting goals and performance measures in specific focus or program areas, and a listing of specific projects funded with the expectation they will have a positive impact on reducing traffic crashes and the resulting injuries and fatalities in Utah.

The Highway Safety Planning process in Utah tends to be cyclical and ongoing, and the Highway Safety Office (HSO) staff is likely to be working on previous, current and upcoming Highway Safety Plans (HSP) simultaneously. The planning calendar revolves around the Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) which begins each October 1st, and ends the following September 30th.

Each year, grant applications are welcomed and solicited from local communities, non-profit safety organizations, and local, county and state government agencies as part of this highway safety planning process. The grant application should address how the project will help meet the goals and performance measures in the performance plan. Applications are requested to be submitted no later than March 15 for consideration, and assistance and consultation is available from this office.

As the HSP is finalized and after approval is received, those submitters who have had their projects included in the HSP will be notified. Upon formal acceptance of the application, the submitter is notified in writing of authorization to begin expending the grant funds.

If you are considering applying for a grant, visit the Staff page and contact the program manager in the focus area your project will address. Another great resource of information on partnering with the Highway Safety Office can be viewed here.

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