Utah Department of Public Safety

Investigations - Methamphetamine Concerns

In 1990 a Clandestine Lab caught fire in an old church that had been converted into a residence, in Stockton, Utah. This lab site had chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine and chemicals to manufacture and build explosive devices. The doorway had been booby trapped with a trip wire leading from the door knob to a canister of nerve gas.

meth chemicalsIn 1990 a Clandestine Lab seized by members of the Sheriffs Department, was boxed up and the chemicals and contaminated glassware were taken to the evidence room of the Sheriffs Department. Several employees were overcome by the contaminated items and chemicals and require medical attention.

In 1991 a Clandestine Lab was seized in Tremonton, Utah, where agents discovered the first usage of butylamine, benzaldehyde, and iron powder for the manufacture of meth.

In 1992 a matchbook lab caught fire at the Days Inn Motel on 3300 S. 300 W.. The room is a total loss to fire and chemical contamination. The suspect is air lifted to University of Utah burn unit where he is treated for critical burns he received.

In 1993 the first Matchbook lab was seized in the state of Utah. It was found that all of the chemicals used in this process could be easily purchased at legitimate businesses and that none of the chemicals were illegal to posses.

In 1994 a matchbook lab started a fire at an apartment building in West Valley City, Utah, completely destroying 12 units of the apartments and damaging 12 others. Damage was estimated at $1,650,000.00 and displaced 40 people. The suspect was arrested and later died from ingesting some of his own product, which he had taken prior to police arrival.

In 1996 a matchbook lab caught fire in Ogden, Utah, causing extensive damage to the residence where it was located. The suspect received burns over 70% of his body. The suspect was transported to the University of Utah burn unit where he later succumbed to his injuries.

meth house fire

In 1996 a matchbook lab caught fire in a residence in Plymouth, Utah. The residence is a complete loss. Two suspects were treated at the University of Utah burn unit for injuries sustained as a result of the fire and explosion.

In 1996 during a routine investigation of persons purchasing a large amount of an ephedrine based cold medication in Hurricane, Utah. Officers encounter the suspects, who exchange gunfire with officers. This leads to a high speed chase into Arizona where the suspects abandon the vehicle and try to escape on foot, continuing to fire at police. The male suspect is shot and the female is taken into custody. The female is pregnant. Both suspects are wanted in Las Vegas, Nevada for manufacturing methamphetamine. Continued investigation identifies a clandestine lab at a local motel in St. George, Utah.

Meth Neglected ChildIn 1996 during the service of a search warrant, in Sandy, Utah, several members of the Salt Lake County Sheriffs Department receive an exposure to an unknown chemical and require medical attention.

In 1996 Meth addicted mother neglects her baby and watches her addicted boyfriend kills the child for crying too much.

In 1995 a meth lab catches fire in a Motel 6, in Burns, Oregon causing $3.5 million in property damage.

In 1995 during the execution of a search warrant of a suspected meth lab location, the meth cook engages the SWAT Officers of Las Vegas Metro, with a hand gun. Three SWAT Officers are injured and the cooked was killed.

In 1996 a father stabbed his 14 year old son an estimated 60 times before beheading him along Interstate 40, east of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Suspect is under the influence of Methamphetamine.

In 1996 a mobile home catches fire from a small cold cook (Matchbook type) in Aguanga, California and it completely destroys the motor home. Three children, ages one, two, and three, are killed in the fire. The mother was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and three counts of second degree murder. Two additional males where charged with manufacturing methamphetamine.

Meth Lab Mobile Home Fire

In Phoenix, Arizona, according to the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), methamphetamine deaths increased from 11 in 1991 to 122 in 1994.

In Fremont, California, a 33 year old man, while under the influence of methamphetamine and rum, scalped his girlfriend with a kitchen knife. He accused her of thinking about an old boyfriend. The suspect was sentenced to life in prison.

At Hospitals across the United States, meth related emergency room cases increased by more than 250 percent between 1991 and 1994. The number remained constant in 1995 at about 17,500 visits nationwide. 1996 has the indications of a another large increase in Emergency Room cases.

In 2004 a young girl's mother, a meth addict, was convicted of killing her.

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