New Department Of Public Safety Logo

New Department Of Public Safety Logo

dps_logoCommissioner Keith D. Squires is pleased to announce that he has chosen a new logo for the Utah Department of Public Safety, (DPS). This has been a slow and deliberate process that began early this year when we surveyed employees to see if consideration of a new logo was warranted. Many within DPS gave input and design ideas for this project. The final design incorporates much of what was submitted.

Here is a brief description of the symbolism and meaning of our new logo. Much thought and consideration has gone into this design and it has many significant features.

  • The new DPS logo has many facets that symbolize the true scope of the Utah Department of Public Safety. Beginning in the middle, we see the state motto of industry with the beehive in the center. The beehive has always represented our state’s pioneering spirit of team work, with many working together for the common good of us all. With the beehive, we see the state flower, the sego lily, indicating peace. The state name “Utah” appears below the beehive with the year of 1847, the year the Mormon pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley. The larger print of the year “1896” is the year Utah was admitted as the 45th state in our great Union of the United States.
  • Our national symbol of the bald eagle that is perched atop the state seal with a U.S. flag draped under each wing, indicates our support for the nation. The two arrows crossed behind the shield indicate the defense of our rights both in peace time and war.
    Beyond the center is the smaller never ending rope that represents the commitment of everyone to our mission in serving as “One DPS,” providing exceptional and efficient state public safety services. The title of “UTAH Department of Public Safety” proudly identifies our Unit of state government to which we all belong. The word UTAH is flanked by two 6 point stars that signify that every member hold true to the values of Service, Integrity, Courage, Knowledge, Professionalism, and Teamwork.
  • The outside and larger rope encompasses everything and everyone that follows the high standards of our department.
  • The DPS crown is the ready identifier for all to know our services provided as “One DPS.”
    The outside edge represents the shape of the State of Utah and forms cogs in a wheel, always moving forward and working together. As the main cog turns, the rest will move in synchronicity and support. The backward facing states represent looking back to our history and heritage and never forgetting the sacrifices made by many who brought us where we are today.
  • Employees look forward to the very bright future of DPS, and career opportunities and satisfaction available to all who work hard as members of this great team! Our team is comprised of smart and innovative individuals, well equipped to tackle the challenges that lie ahead of us and ready to provide the best public safety services available. The results of their dedicated work are reflected in the overall safety and security that our state is well known for, and that we all enjoy in our own communities.

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