TravelWise Challenge

Join the challenge: help clean Utah’s air this winter-and improve your health, too.

It’s no secret, the air quality in Utah during the winter months is unpleasant. The Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) is supporting Governor Gary R. Herbert and the State of Utah in this year’s TravelWise Challenge.

All DPS employees are encouraged to take part in the challenge and take action to improve the State’s air quality this winter. The State of Utah Agencies Winter TravelWise Challenge encourages state employees to save money, and reduce congestion and air pollution with smart travel choices. The competition will help recognize agencies and employees who are working and contributing to a healthier Utah!

Join the challenge and help represent DPS this year by signing up here.

The competition runs from January 18 to February 15. All state employees are encouraged to participate.

Work Toward a Solution

Here’s what you can do to participate in the 2016 TravelWise challenge and help better Utah’s air quality year-round:

  • Rethink how you travel: Carpool, combine trips, use the bus or TRAX and Frontrunner to commute to and from work.
  • Join a team with your family, friends or coworkers.
  • Don’t drive on peak inversion days.
  • Support state and local efforts to clean up the air
  • Get involved. Sign up for the TravelWise challenge by clicking here.

Protect Your Family- and Yourself

  • Check air quality levels this winter, especially when the sky is foggy or hazy. Go online and check daily reports on Utah’s Department of Environmental Quality’s
  • Avoid exercising outdoors on days when the air pollution is at its worst.
  • Limit your children’s outdoor playtime when pollution levels are high.

We all have room to improve and contribute to a better Utah. Ready, set, go!

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