A New Way of Testing

The Utah Department of Public Safety’s Driver License division is piloting a new way of testing for licenses. License examiners will now be equipped with tablets during skills tests in order to improve efficiency, test monitoring, statistical analysis and scoring consistency.


This is an effort by the division to become more tech-friendly and provide staff with improved resources. The tablets will potentially replace papers and clipboards and allow for real-time documentation.

The Draper office is currently using about 15 tablets for commercial driver license (CDL), Class D and motorcycle licenses. The new tablets eliminate steps that paper documentation required. Prior to the tablets, test examiners would hand write notes, applicant information and scores. After, both the applicants and examiner would input the test results into the computer system. Now, the results are loaded into the system automatically.

This project is currently in testing phases and could be in use at all field offices by end of year.



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