DPS Honors Its Finest Across the Department & State

The Utah Department of Public Safety honored more than 75 of its finest from all 11 divisions and bureaus, including members of the public and officers from across the state. From saving the life of a toddler to going above and beyond to ensure customers receive the best experience. This year’s honorees include:

Utah Highway Patrol Trooper of the Year

  • Stephen Matthews

Utah Highway Patrol Dispatcher of the Year

  • Amie Kai Harwood, Richfield Communications Center

Driver License Division Examiner of the Year

  • Richard Richins, Orem Officeunspecified

Canine Award

  • Spencer Beardshall, UHP

Paul V. Mangelson Interdiction Award

  • Kade Loveland, UHP

DPS Meritorious Service Award

  • Utah Highway Patrol Honor Guard
  • DPS Public Protection Unit

Public Safety Star

  • David Bennion, UHP
  • Kirk Middaugh, UHP
  • Lee Perry, UHP

Public Safety Partnership Award

  • Marianne Suarez, Unified Police Department

Public Safety Medal of Excellence

  • Scott Alvord, Division of Emergency Management
  • Tara Behunin, Division of Emergency Management
  • Jeff Blankenagel, UHP
  • Thayne Carlisle, UHP
  • Kristopher Cope, UHP
  • Ashley Creighton, UHP
  • Lance Degraw, UHP
  • Jason Haywood, State Bureau of Investigations
  • Clarence Smith, State Bureau of Investigations
  • Bonnie Wilder-Estes, Forensic Services
  • Brett Hansen, UHP
  • Lorry Herrera, Division of Emergency Management
  • Whitney Hurst, Driver License Division
  • James Jensen, State Bureau of Investigations
  • Michele Marfori, Forensic Services
  • Melanie Marlowe, Bureau of Criminal Identification
  • Brad Marshall, UHP
  • Andrew O’Gwin, UHP
  • Shawn Peppers, UHP
  • James Ray, Division of Emergency Management
  • Brian Schultz, UHP
  • Wyatt Weber, UHP
  • Jesse Williams, UHP
  • Ryan Williams, Drivers License Division
  • Nathan Wood, UHP

Distinguished Service Medal

  • Scott Baker, Bureau of Criminal Identification
  • Jackie Barber, Driver License Division
  • Ryan Barney, Forensic Services
  • Brenda Barry, Driver License Division
  • Justin Bechaver, Forensic Services
  • Lynne Criddle, Driver License Division
  • John Crofts, Division of Emergency Management
  • Mary Ann Curtis, Bureau of Criminal Identification
  • John Ely, UHP
  • Kimberly Hammer, Division of Emergency Management
  • James Higgs, DPS Administration
  • Bryan Holden, Forensic Services
  • Linda James, Bureau of Criminal Identification
  • Brenda Lane, Driver License Division
  • Jason Marshall, UHP
  • Sherry McCusker, DPS Administration
  • Della Miller, Bureau of Criminal Identification
  • Todd Royce, DPS Administration
  • Steve Salas, State Bureau of Investigations
  • Denise Spillman, Division of Emergency Management
  • Emily Smith, DPS Administration
  • Patrice Thomas, Division of Emergency Management
  • Christopher Turley, UHP

Life Saving Award

  • Joshua Carr, UHP2unspecified
  • Brian Nelson, UHP
  • Jeffrey Daems, UHP
  • Rod Elmer, UHP
  • Colton Freckleton, UHP
  • Russell Handley, UHP
  • Kent Harrision, DPS Aero Bureau
  • Chamberlin Neff, UHP
  • Daniel Nielson, UHP
  • Tracy Paletta, UHP
  • Boe Minchey, UHP
  • Jarom Olsen, UHP
  • Clarence Smith, State Bureau of Investigations
  • Matthew Schuman, St. George Police Department
  • Fitzgerald Petersen, Unified Fire Authority
  • Frank Hecker, Unified Fire Authority
  • Richard Larsen, Unified Fire Authority
  • Troy St. Jeor, Unified Fire Authority

Executive Award of Merit

  • Amanda Dickson3unspecified
  • Steve Eliason
  • Eric Hutchings
  • Don Ipson
  • Curtis Oda
  • Ralph Okerlund
  • Daniel Thatcher
  • Kevin Van Tassell

Citizen Commendation Medal

  • Cecilia Elam
  • Leah Elam

Citizen Service Award

  • Joseph Empey
  • Richard Norby
  • Mason Wells
  • Jamie Cox
  • Ellis Gross
  • Sean Hogan
  • Mark Whittaker

Purple Heart

  • Justin Hansen, UHP
  • David Schiers, UHP

Medal of Valor1unspecified

  • Matthew Brownlee, Unified Police Department
  • Jared Evans, Unified Police Department
  • Jose Lopez, Unified Police Department
  • Jonathan Richey, Unified Police Department
  • Benjamin Steiner, Unified Police Department
  • Douglas Barney, Unified Police Department

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