Telephone Scam Using UHP Registered Phone Number

On Friday, April 7, 2017, the Utah Highway Patrol became aware of a telephone scam that is being generated from one of the Utah Highway Patrol phone numbers (435) 655-3445. The Department of Public Safety’s State Bureau of Investigation’s Cyber Crime Unit is currently investigating the origin of the phone calls.

Please be aware of this scam if you receive phone calls from this phone number. The details of the scam are as follows: a male caller with an accent identifies himself as an employee of the Utah Highway Patrol. He tells the caller that they are under investigation by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and informs them if they do not comply with his request to provide information and/or send money then someone from the Utah Highway Patrol will come and arrest them. The true Utah Highway Patrol would not make phone calls asking for your personal or financial information and you should not give that type of information over the phone to anyone you do not know. Please exercise caution if you receive a phone call like this. If you have further information to report about this scam, please call the Utah Highway Patrol dispatch center (801) 887-3800.

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