DPS Victim Services Working With Advocates to Provide Assistance for Plane Crash Family Members and Witnesses

The Department of Public Safety’s Victim Services is assisting Weber County Advocates to set up a Family Assistance Center where next of kin and witnesses of today’s freeway plane crash can receive information and assistance.
A Family Assistance Center (FAC) is a secure facility established to serve as a centralized location to provide information and assistance victims and victim families when there is a mass casualty.  Thought this is not necessarily a mass casualty incident, a FAC has been set up due to the volume of witnesses (more than 40).
The FAC will be open tomorrowJuly 27, 2017, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Weber County Building located at 2380 Washington Blvd, on the first floor in the Commission Chambers.  The point of contact for the FAC is Jaime Pitt (801)399-8377.

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