DPS Dive Team Provides New Robot Demonstration – Photo Gallery

The DPS Dive Team recently headed up to Deer Creek Reservoir to provide a demonstration of its new robot to the media.

The remote operated vehicle (ROV) is optimized to work in low to zero visibility conditions.

Some details about the robot’s capabilities include the following:

  • full 1080p HD video
  • tether that reaches up to 984 ft (300m)
  • gripper with interlocking jaws
  • single person deployable
  • direct load transfer for retrieving objects

Major Nigbur attended the demonstration and as a member of the dive team noted, “These police divers are amazing and bring closure to many families who have lost loved ones.”

Read a Fox13 news story about the demonstration here!

The robot sits atop its case on the shoreline of Deer Creek Reservoir.
DPS Dive Team member prepares to submerge the robot.
DPS Dive team member views the display from the robot’s camera.
DPS Dive Team member demonstrates controlling the robot for Lt. Nye.
DPS Dive Team member submerges mannequin to help demonstrate the robot’s camera capabilities.
View from the robot’s camera and the outstretched gripper.

Summer Water Safety

As summer starts and we head out to our lakes and reservoirs, make sure that water safety is part of your plans.

Tragically, there are drownings every summer.

Taking precautions can help prevent these incidents.

Utah DNR reports that nationally, 80% of people who drowned in boating accidents would have survived had they been wearing a life jacket.

Click here to get more information about water safety in Utah.

Life Jackets

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