The Office of Public Affairs

The Office of Public Affairs promotes the Utah Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) goals, activities and accomplishments by working with reporters in traditional media organizations and by utilizing social media outlets. The office also coordinates and organizes media events hosted by or involving DPS. Getting information out to the public is vital to the mission of the Department. We respond to media requests in a timely manner and accommodate other media requests when needed.

Media Contacts:

The DPS Office of Public Affairs covers all 11 divisions and bureaus within the department. Designated Public Information Officers (PIO) are assigned to the Utah Highway Patrol and the Division of Emergency Management. For inquires regarding all other divisions and bureaus or the department as a whole, please contact the DPS Public Affairs Director.

Marissa (Villaseñor) Cote
Director of Public Affairs, Department of Public Safety

Sgt. Nick Street
Public Information Officer, Utah Highway Patrol

Joseph Dougherty
Public Information Officer, Division of Emergency Management

24 Hour “on call” Public Affairs Officer

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