DPS Helicopter Crew and Sheriffs Accidentally Save Stranded Family of 4


During a search and rescue call for a missing kayaker, the Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) helicopter crew and a deputy from Garfield County came across a family of 4 who was stranded along the Escalante River. As the air crew searched the Escalante River for the missing kayaker, they noticed a group on the ground who were in obvious distress. The helicopter team landed and discovered a family who had been stranded for two days.

The family had crashed into boulders during high water after a big storm and lost their boats and paddles. The mom, dad and two teenage daughters were airlifted to the Escalante Airport. The original kayaker safely returned back to his camp on his own.

Air crew involved in the rescue will be available for interviews at the DPS helicopter hangar.

WHEN: Monday (TODAY), April 3 at 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: DPS helicopter hangar, 135 north 2400 west, Salt Lake City, Utah

WHO: DPS helicopter pilot who spotted the family, Garfield and Kane County Sheriffs are available for phone interviews (contact information will be given at media availability)


Marissa Cote, Public Relations Director

Department of Public Safety



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