Eight Signs of Terrorism Video

As part of our ongoing commitment to public safety and the citizens of Utah, DPS partnered with the Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab (CELL), Lt. Governor Spencer Cox, local law enforcement agencies and many others, to create a video and the Community Awareness Program (CAP) designed to educate citizens on how to properly recognize and report suspicious activity in a manner that reduces the likelihood of terrorist attacks and protects the civil liberties of our citizens.

Some activities that would be important to watch for suspicious activity might include events with large gatherings of people. These gatherings may include sporting events (NCAA, NBA, MLS), entertainment venues, parades, marathons, cycling or ski events, and other high profile activities.

Active shooter and terrorism prevention training:

To request a Community Awareness Program training for agencies and businesses, contact the Division of Emergency Management at 801-538-3400. For law enforcement trainings, and train-the-trainer education, contact the State Information and Analysis Center at 801-256-2360.


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